Operating & Control Handbooks

Operating & Control Handbooks

  • Are you still concerned that the products you offer tend to have different look, taste, quality?
  • Are you concerned because you still haven’t managed to create a nucleus and a stable team of employees to support your business?
  • Are you tired of repeating the same thing over and over again?
  • Do your partners and employees have their own ideas about things that can only be done one way?

Step back from the daily routine for a moment and listen up! There are solutions out there, you know!

Allow me to recommend the creation of Operational Handbooks!

Here’s how it’s done

  • Your operation is unique!
  • Your business requires special care!
  • Each and every need requires a separate approach!

That’s why you have to provide me with as much information as possible when we meet to discuss the handbook you would like me to compile!

ATTENTION! The agenda is huge and the list of procedures which require standardization and recording endless! Furthermore, I am available to compile your handbook of technical specifications, marketing manual, architectural design handbook, equipment and maintenance manual, as well as the crisis management handbook! Ask me how it’s done!

Why do you need manuals?

  • Manuals are a culmination of the effort to standardize all the expertise that has either been used by the business from the outset or has accumulated after a specific period of use.
  • Manuals aim to provide educational tools for all the staff who work in your business, but also to establish the framework, on which productivity standards and evaluation procedures are based.
  • In other words, all the particularities, unique characteristics and rules that apply within your enterprise are recorded in writing. The manual is an active tool and is adaptable to specific needs.
  • Achieve success in this way by teaching your employees, supervisors, managers and partners to speak the same language!
  • Your customers will thus enjoy the same quality of service every time they frequent your business!

Isn’t that ideal? It sure is, and it is humanly possible to achieve it!


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