Core Solutions

Cost control – Improved Profits: 0-1!

How much do the menu items that you offer cost you? What is their contribution on sales? How can you earn more? You’ll learn step by step the ways to achieve more!

Operational Audits! Now, you can do better!

Does your everyday operation troubles you? Are you’re looking for answers in unresolved problems? Are you ready for a new start? Go!

EmployeePoliciesHandbook! Communicate policies and procedures to your staff!

Are there rules and procedures that still aren’t clarified to your team? Do you observe uproar and disorder among your staff? Now everything comes into order!

Are you planning to start a new foodservice business? You’ll need 3 ingredients! Thorough concept analysis! Careful financial planning! Crystal clear course of action!

Job Descriptions

Every job includes different duties! Your staff must be fully aware of that from day one!

Issues that can be clarified with the program are, among others, their duties during prep, opening shift procedures, tasks that must be completed when the store is in full operation, responsibilities before shift changes, the scope and purpose of the job, etc

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Operational Manual

Stay ahead of your everyday operation with clear stated, written down standards!

Performance management needs careful planned steps! The knowledge of brand standards needs detailed recording! Order taking and delivering must be clarified before opening! Who said that staff safety isn’t worth mentioned? Describe everything with simple words!

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Food, Recipe & Hygiene Handbook

Consistency is a treasured asset! Secure yours, now!

Notes, quotes, recipes scattered around, no more! Aspects of business like recipe standardization, effective use of raw materials, procedures of preparation and processing, food hygiene rules, will be easy to utilize them!

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Mystery Shopper

Your customers are in charge! Now you’re in charge, too!

Now you can apply effective control through your customers’ eyes! Consider this program an expert’s penetrating view, without prejudice, to customer service!

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Hands-On Training

Tailor made knowledge!

Pick one of the programs I’m suggesting! You’ll manage to attract and retain staff that have high moral, show a sense of responsibility, they are effective, smart, cautious, highly productive, equal members of a team, cooperative, disciplined, willing to evolve professionally!

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Local Store Marketing

Today than never, extroversion is the only way to success!

This is the most indicated program for all of you that wish to attract more customers, to raise sales, to promote your menu and your business without spending a fortune!

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Digital Store Marketing

Your partners, colleagues, competitors, customers already reserved their spot on the web! How about you?

The aim of this program is to make your life simple and to give you real time, proven solutions based on today’s technological advancements! You’ll be in a position to attract more and new customers, you’ll be able to communicate with them directly, the moment things are happening, you’ll be able to inform and train, you’ll increase customer loyalty, you’ll offer additional services … and all that with minimum cost and high return on your initial investment!

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Free consultation

You just came up with an idea? You need to improve an aspect of your operation? You feel that the time has come for fulfilling your dream? Consider me as your “right hand”, you can confide in me all your thoughts! I’ll do my best, even from our first meeting, to show you the road to successful, creative and targeted goal fulfillment!

From idea to planning to final solution

Few Words

Who Stands To Benefit?

I can coach and consult most of the businessmen that operate in the foodservice industry. Ιn particular, among others, the following:

  • Chains
  • Café bars
  • Coffee shops
  • Restaurants
  • Pizza restaurants
  • Taverns
  • Meze restaurants
  • Casual restaurants
  • Grill houses
  • Pastry shops
  • Creperies
  • Gelaterias
  • Q.S.R.
  • Salad bars
  • Doughnut shops
  • Convenience stores

They trust me!


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