Cost Management


  • Are you struggling while trying to satisfy your customers’ needs?
  • Do you ask yourself what went wrong at the end of the day?
  • Are you working simply to pay the bills?
  • The answers to these questions are close at hand!

Here’s the tried and tested & most reliable solution!
Presenting… the MenuEngineering™ program

What’s this?

This is the ultimate program for costing, pricing and evaluating the goods your business offers. I’ll show you practical ways to save money and improve your profitability spectacularly!

My Philosophy

I’ll work closely with my team of chefs, baristas and bartenders or with your group of professionals that are working for you with one goal in mind, to help your business take off!

I pledge

  • to act respectfully and responsibly with regard to your vision, and
  • that the program won’t cost you a fortune!

How it works

  • Scheduled meetings with you or your staffs begin.
  • I count up, record the weight and carefully write all the ingredients down on paper for all your food and beverages.
  • I also record all the cost price you paid for buying the raw materials.
  • I make comments and recommendations regarding:
  1. The rate of the food cost (total cost of the ingredients and packaging of the food and drinks served).
  2. Pricing
  3. The quantities and combinations of the raw materials.
  4. Alternative sourcing and selection of various raw materials.
  5. The preparation and the arrangement of the final menu items.
  6. The image and taste of the food and beverage served.
  7. Available alternatives in standard recipes.
  • I analyze and evaluate the menu mix – pinpointing opportunities for better and more profitable sales.
  • Determine precisely the actual contribution of each menu item on business sales.
  • I deliver and present the final report.

How long does it take?

That depends on the complexity of the project. A fast food enterprise would obviously require a different time scale compared to a restaurant in order for me to be able to show you how to make a profit!

However, within just two (2) weeks, you could begin to discover where you are losing money and what you can do to earn more!

Who stands to benefit?

Both theory and practice have confirmed that opportunities for increasing profit exist in every kind of business! From the local bakery, patisserie, café or diner to restaurants, bars, coffee houses and large chains or franchise brands; all foodservice enterprises can benefit from the program.

What to do next

  • Contact me
  • We arrange a meeting.
  • Alternatively, you can send me your menu.See here how to do that
  • I’ll let you know how long it’ll take and how much it’ll cost.
  • We come to an agreement, arrange a date for me to pay a visit to your business and we get things started!

One last word on the menu! Do you need to add new menu items or a complete menu built from scratch for your concept?

I can do that too! I will work closely with the collaborating team of chef’s, baristas, bartenders and sommeliers. They are all well trained and have previous experience in creating menus for all types of foodservice concepts.

Check out your return on investment!
  • Download the Return On Investment Chart from MenuEngineering™
  • A word of advice! Use the chart once you have received the final report.

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