Worldwide Consultation

Worldwide Consultation


  • I’m looking for a skillful consultant on my field but I find it hard to trace one!
  • Times have changed! Competition is becoming gigantic, now more than ever!  Growing needs seem to choke me!
  • I wanna talk to someone experienced, asap! Don’t care how this can be done!
  • I’ve got news delivered straight to your door!

I can look you straight into your eyes and present my newest program “Worldwide Consultation”

What’s this?

We had the privilege to take part in the completion of projects in Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, Switzerland, United States and Poland.  We have worked remotely for projects in England and India.  I’ve tested myself and I’ve tested my team, so, I’m proud to say that we’re launching our “Worldwide Consultation” program  in our effort to support foodservice establishments, convenience stores, leisure parks, catering businesses, etc either existing or new ones.

My Philosophy:

I will try to imply my laser targeted philosophy on every step of the way whether I’m working closely with you, your partners or your staff.  Your support will be valuable in carrying out the work assigned.

I pledge

  • I will create a course of action that will best fit your needs
  • Decision making, task assignment, implementations of standards, performance management are activities that will be easily carried out.

How does it work?

These are some of the services that we already offered in projects carried out in various countries.

  1. Menu Development, New Menu Items, Costing, Pricing
  2. Trade cooperation agreements with either Greek or foreign purveyors
  3. Co-ordination during the shipping of goods from Greece
  4. Brand Identity
  5. Back of the House Architectural design
  6. Front of the House Architectural design
  7. Evaluation and final agreement with craftsmen from Greece in working in projects abroad
  8. Trade cooperation agreements with companies that produce inox, back of the house appliances, machinery and paper goods
  9. Co-ordination during the shipping of inox appliances, machinery and paper goods from Greece
  10. Controlling Cash & Financial Data
  11. Recruiting, Selecting, Orientation, Training, Evaluating Staff
  12. Operational Programming
  13. Planning Local Store Marketing Campaigns
  14. Operational  Audits
  15. Operation Manuals

How it’s done:

  • We’ll talk on the phone
  • Next step is to arrange a video call
  • Before final agreement, we usually get together with the businessmen that will set up a business relationship.  It would help a lot to arrange a meeting before starting working on your new project.
  • I’ll write down all the services that I’ll provide in a detailed business proposal.
  • We’re ready to embark on a new project in your country!

Who stands to benefit?

  • No business is either small or big! Projects undertaken till now had to do with all kinds of businesses

What to do next

  • Contact me 
  • This is the most basic step in order to start our full of challenges  journey!

Drop me a line!    Send to Messenger

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