Do the following statements sound familiar?

So many people don’t offer training, keep telling themselves that…

  • I’m better at it than they are!
  • I want to show them I can do anything!
  • My supervisor does that too!
  • Everyone does the same as me!


  • requires knowledge
  • takes time
  • costs money
  • it’s just another thing that the businessman has to do…
  • but…

…it’s the only way to have staff who

  1. are quick thinking, adaptable and capable of successfully carrying out the various duties you assign them
  2. are responsible and disciplined
  3. are efficient
  4. have a better work ethic
  5. work together easily as a team
  6. don’t need you to supervise their every move
  7. are careful, don’t cause accidents, endangering themselves and others
  8. manage the raw materials precisely, thereby reducing waste
  9. progress quicker on a personal and team basis.

Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to recommend the

I pledge

  • to recommend a training program to best suit your goals!
  • to organize a training program based on how your business operates!
  • to minimize expenses and maximize benefits!

How it’s done

Outlined below are some of the typical training programs used by the foodservice industry according to their size, capacity, type of business, and their target markets. Here are the categories:

  1. Pre-Opening Training
  2. On-the-job Training
  3. On-Going Training
  4. Training based on new policies and procedures.
  5. Seminars.

Where does it take place?

Depending on the circumstances, training is carried out either

  • on the premises before business begins and usually the business doesn’t operates
  • on the premises without affecting business operation
  • at external venues suitable for seminars
  • by a combination of the above methods according to the needs of the business.

Who carries out the training?

I am so proud to have my childhood friend Nikos Sapountzis as a partner. A few words about Nikos.

What to do next

  • Contact me
  • We arrange a meeting.
  • We decide on the type of training that suits your business.
  • I’ll put forward a course of action based on your needs and let you know how much it will cost.
  • We come to an agreement, set up the procedure and leave the rest to me! Training is about to begin for you and your team!

Small Tips – Big Benefits!

Tip No 1

Repeat the program you choose to apply after a short period, enriched with new components and experiences! If you have chosen for example, to train your kitchen staff, plan to repeat the seminar in one (1) month!

Tip No 2

Plan to repeat the program within a total of six (6) months! Essentially, aim to have two (2) training sessions a year.

Tip No 3

I’m counting on your active participation at our meeting to discuss your training requirements, which will take place before the program begins, as well as when we meet during, and at the end of the training program! The details I’ll be needing to plan the seminars, together with your views during the course of the program, will help me to perfect your personalized training!

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